Board Resources

Board Resources is a Consulting firm dedicated to upgrading the capacity and management processes that support directors and boards

We have worked with businesses at the highest levels throughout the past 30 years. 

Our experience includes: board participation; strategy and value creation; turnaround and crisis management; line management; financial analysis; training, facilitating, executive coaching, and teaching CPAs, bankers and MBAs; expert testimony; and consulting on strategy, process, implementation, and due diligence.

  • We help management and boards make better decisions and reduce risk by using proven frameworks and tools.
  • We strengthen board member effectiveness by upgrading skills: financial literacy group and individual coaching and assessments
  • Strategy Business Risk Analysis--strategic options to maximize unit profitability
  • Risk Management--reporting policies
  • We enhance board governance by working with management to improve process.


These efforts fine-tune each board members understanding of your company. Board members become more perceptive questioners and more insightful contributors. The professionalism of the entire management team and board is enhanced.



Now is the time to act!

Every day of delay opens your board to additional risk and defers the value of a better decision process. We will help you identify the needs of your board and design a program to move your management and board governance processes to the next level.

    Why Board Resources?
  • We are problem solvers. We don't speculate on outcomes; we have been there.
  • We produce better outcomes because we rely on empirical research and proven best practices.
  • We are independent and dedicated to board enhancement.
  • We look beyond historic financial reporting and into the value drivers of your business.