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Hass and Pryor provide counsel for directors and management from the beginning of strategy formulation and strategy retreats through monitoring the outcomes of execution for both healthy and under performing organizations. In addition, special chapters are devoted to strategic processes unique to non-public and not-for-profit organizations. When a business or one of its parts is under performing, both directors and management have a great interest in seeing that the right steps are taken to renew the business and restructure the strategy.

The authors argue that corporate renewal, the process of examining and resetting the strategy of business units that are not pulling their weight or earning their cost of capital, should be a continual process.   Whether the business is doing well or encountering problems, strategic thinking will require a systematic review of business risks that confront the organization. A good strategic thought process begins with a full understanding of the risks in both the internal and external business environments.  Best practices in oversight of strategy processes help set new standards for board oversight.


William J. Hass


Board Level Strategist and Coach




  • Renewal Strategy, Valuation and Teamwork
  • Consulant and Business Advisor: Member; National Association of Corporate Directors
  • Turnaround Strategist and Manager: Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP)
  • Entrepreneur



William J. Hass, CTP, is CEO of TeamWork Technologies a turnaround and senior management/board consulting firm in Northbrook, Illinois. He is a former Partner of Ernst & Young and past Chairman of the Turnaround Management Association (over 6,000 members). He remains active as Co-chair of the association’s National Education Services Committee and is the Chicago/Midwest Chapter’s Educator of the Year and President Elect of the Chicago/Midwest Chapter. Hass is a community leader for the Center for Corporate Financial Leadership (over 32,000 members), an affiliation of 8 State CPA societies, and member of the National Association of Corporate Directors.  Hass advises CEOs and boards, and has worked with the strategic plans of hundreds of organizations His first presentation to a board of directors of a Fortune 50 Corporation was in 1972. He is a Director of the Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals and serves on various non-profit boards.

He can be reached at


Shepherd G. Pryor IV


Corporate Director, Consultant: Financial Literacy, Risk Management, Strategic Analysis, Finance, Credit, Expert testimony




  • Corporate Board Member
  • Educator, Coach, Trainer- Financial Literacy, Finance, Credit
  • Consultant - Strategy, Finance, Management Process
  • Project Manager - Risk Management, Due Diligence, Integration Planning



Shepherd G. Pryor IV, is Managing Director of Board Resources, a board consulting firm (division of TeamWork Technologies).  He is Lead Director of the board of Archibald Candy Corporation, a manufacturer and retailer, a member of the board and Audit Committee and Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of Taylor Capital Group, a bank holding company, and a member of the board and Audit Committee of HCI Direct, Inc., a manufacturer and direct marketer.  He was formerly Senior Vice President and Deputy Group Head, Corporate Banking, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., and formerly a member of the board of directors, Audit Committee, and Co-Chairman of the Special Committee of Petrolane, Inc. (NASD), a  propane distribution company.  Pryor has analyzed and worked on the financings of hundreds of companies.  He teaches International Finance and Corporate Investment Analysis to MBA candidates, provides expert testimony on banking and financial issues, and serves on various non-profit Boards. 

He can be reached at